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The feeling of quiet solemnity in this episode, interspersed with bits of comedy here in there to lighten the mood was an amazing feat.

There are really some scenes that stands out the most in this episode:

1. Azusa's melancholic longing looks whenever she sees her seniors.

2. Sawako's speech in front of the class and the class' reaction with the template they all signed. Especially the blackboard.

3. Vulcan hand sign!

4. The camera focusing on the diploma rolls and the cherry blossom pins as Azusa is finally unable to mask away how she really feels.

And the best of it all was the final song they played for Azusa. Sure it wasn't mind blowing, rocking or whatever. It was a mellow ballad that you don't always associate with a group whose ultimate aim is to rock it out at Budokan.

But it was perfect.

It was rather obvious that they practiced this song. They sang together, played in tune and harmony and, above all, meant it with all their heart. Even if in the end they may never play it again because the song was only ever meant for one person.

Still, it was and likely will always be, their best performance ever.

(I want the title and lyrics to that song)

Blog post to follow.

As an aside, the PV for the OVA's suggest that they will likely be about Azusa, Jun and Ui as seniors and trying to recruit new members. I didn't pick up on a lot on what was said in the PV because quite frankly I could no longer concentrate. We're not likely to see the old gang but after seeing this episode, I think I can live with that.
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