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Other memorable fleeting moments:

- Starting setpiece at the same old traffic junction where the girls part after club. Feels familiar and yet different today
- The spring season has arrived much like back in S2Ep1 so the usage of the white flowers reflects that
- There was probably a moment unseen in the episode where Yui had to pick up the flower to give to Azusa, reflecting a setpiece in S2Ep1 where she was picking flowers up for arranging on her desk
- As usual, during the song the fleeting half-cuts of other graduands - the one cut pointing at the jetstream in the sky was great
- Yui and gang at the stairs setpiece going upstairs to the music room with Nodoka-han heading the other way towards the student council signifying a departure which contrasted with the 'let's go home together' chat
- Displaying of Yui's unseen growth through the series to the point where rather than Ui and Nodoka being her crutch through life it's now the keionbu
- The non-core members respectfully giving space to the keionbu on the day eg. Sawa-han spending time just outside the music room when they were playing Azusa's song
- The short riff of Fuwa Fuwa playing into the credits is also considered an instrumental closer to the series despite the song itself needing vocals. And of course contrasting with S2Ep1, this version had the band as opposed to an individual practising.
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