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Originally Posted by Yu Ominae View Post
As far as I know, only the Special Assault Team and the Counter-Firearms Units alongside the Special Investigations Team (and Martial Arts Attack Team, both special anti-riot squads) are the only police units with decent and good weaponry, including pistols.

But if we're gonna talk about spec ops team from the JSDF...
talk about special forces in Japanese squadron....a rumor in my society said some of young Killers reported to Boss that A LOT of troop sent to give support at Tsunami disaster at Aceh-Indonesia actually Ninja in disguise.

After playing Resident evil 4 I have an idea when the party encounter zombie, I think its best to cripple their legs to immobilize them first before beheaded it.
And if Blade isn't available, even a broom stick can be useful to stab them to death (assumed you can stab them without yelling the name of your move)
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