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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
If we're at the point where the last real bastion of "art for art's sake" in anime has to resort to straight commercialism, maybe we really are at the end. Hourou Musuko is a phenomenal show - a masterpiece - and Fractale damn good and underrated. We have 30-40 other series every season that are driven primarily by financial considerations. Can't we have two that just try to be good?
I'm not sure Noitamina was ever really about art for arts sake - the block was very successful for several years.

Not sure what happened, really. I have to admit I expected Fractale to be a poor seller - the less than serious tone early on seemed like a poor fit with the kinds of fans that gave other artsy shows like Ghost in the Shell SAC and Tatami Galaxy gppd sales. I don't know, maybe they were hoping to attract the market that buys box sets of major 90s shows with the general style of the work. But I'd be hard pressed to say I saw much wrong with the handling of Shiki or Wandering Son. And besides, its not the low DVD sales for some shows that surprises me - its the low TV ratings.

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