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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post

Currently you have Fractale and Wandering Son. 1.1% rating, may have dipped below 1% for a while, seem to have drifted back up to 2%. Both are shows featuring kids. That is not the demographic's target audience. noitaminA's better rating shows have had adult characters in the main roles.

The April series for noitaminA don't quite seem targetted to the demographic either.

It's simple. Start airing shows that properly target the demographic that made noitaminA successful in the first place. And make sure you don't have halfwits like Yakaman ruining the shows they're in charge of. Get those basics right and then the timeslot can get back to where it should be.

I think that you're right here.

I think that quality, in a general sense, can make a hit anime even more successful, but that the starting point to commercial success for an anime can't be just quality in a general sense.

Any commercially successful anime needs to have a hook that appeals to certain target demographic(s).

A hook is something like the anime's premise being one that's very intriguing, or its art work and character designs being very attention getting, or its characters being good shout-outs to other popular anime characters, or its characters being ones geared towards a certain target audience.

In the case of your average noitaminA anime block viewer, it now seems that an important hook is having adult characters living adult lives. This is desirable for such viewers probably because it makes it easier for them to identify with the characters, and the anime's narrative.

An anime like Nodame Cantabile taps into an audience that most animes don't get. And that audience probably wants an anime that speaks directly to them. It's not your typical otaku audience, imo.

Truth be told, I don't really have a problem with this. There's already plenty of animes out there with teenage or kid characters. Maybe it's good for the anime industry to have some sort of commercial incentive to make animes with adult characters as the main characters, as that can add greater diversity to the sorts of characters and stories that can be found in the anime world. Now an argument can be made that if an anime company wants to fully tap into the audience that watched Nodame Cantabile then they're probably going to need to produce an anime with adult characters in most/all key roles.

It's certainly true that good stories can come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different characters of different ages and types. However, there is something to be said for a story that speaks directly to you.
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