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Ambience Blue- simply but i love the border and the font...and the image....and the bg...okay i like evry thing about it!! 10/10

Mr.Hawq- i like it! love the background! its cool how it matches the shirt. Nice! 10/10

Cyz- k its one from nfinity i always loved her or his sigs. the quote, border, bg is awesome. btw the bg matches so well with sabers eyes....its so pretty! 10/10

Sakura-chan- the bg is so cool and the image is cool and matches with the bg well. i also really like the quote! 10/10

Komataguri- its really simple but something about its simpleness makes it so nice. *thumbs up* for getting the great simple and plain black and white sig award! 10/10

i feel cheerful today everyone got 10/10s!
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