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Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
Unless your cyborg can fly and ignore gravity indefinitely as well as the law of inertia then you don't have to worry about IS becoming obsolete. Your cyborgs need to tanl anti-tank rounds too equivalent to the Garm or was it Vent of the Rafaels? Then there's Tatenashi's water manipulation.

It's your choice if you don't want to step up but even if the cyborgs outdo IS in raw power, the sheer utility of IS far outstrips cyborgs.
It's not that I don't want to step up, but I'm trying to make thing somewhat balances.

Not to mention that there's actually a way for Cyborgs to fly. They can use Sliders ( to actually fly around.

My idea is that in close range combat and reaction speeds, Cyborgs win. But in versatility (long range, mid range, special tricks), IS win.
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