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I personally haven't played MGR yet but I've followed every single trailer that came out so I have an idea of the weapon at Raiden's disposal. I focused mostly on Raiden's sword and the mechanical scabbard. So I came up with something rejected by the resident hard science guys of the thread. Basically metals that shouldn't exist. Metals that have properties that are impossible.

A metal with the properties of extreme hardness to the point even the molecules barely move. It lends the metal extremely cold temperatures approaching absolute 0.

A metal that plasmolizes the second it comes in contact with energy. From pure kinetic force, the metal amplifies that force within itself into a self-driven vibration blade.

The scabbard can forge various swords pending on the data inputted. It makes use of IS equalizer technology but specifically reverse engineered to create these imossible metals. These impossible metals are results of an error in equalizer materialization of metal due to a problem in data to material transcription.

The data that produced these errors is stored along with samples of them in an IS research center's secret vault known simply as the "Jewelry Box".

That's my armory. And I have more than just 2 swords.
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