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Originally Posted by Ryuugu-chan View Post
This is an irrelevant question,but in the first season of the anime,that's Rika in the previews,right?

I just thought today,maybe that's Fredrica. But I'm pretty sure it's Rika.

So,anyway,it is Rika right?
She is. Like we said before , Frederica is the Rika in the Fractal dimension . She's the accumulation of her own memories and so , she became another antity. Like she wasn't human anymore, and couldn't call herself Rika (because Rika was her Living side ) she called her Frederica Bernkastel

Frederica= Furude Rika

Bernkastel =
Bern = Bernstein in german who means Amber's Rock ( For us , Crystals Dimension) Kastel Means castle simply.

Why German huh ? Because in germany , there were many poets like Goethe or Faust for some . He was using the same syntaxe as Frederica.

but this , is just a thought of mine, and what my German's teacher said. For the rest, Frederica said that she was Rika or at least.. Rika was a part of her. She's every rika .
She left poems to help players and herself.
My question is, did she live as Rika? Because Rika didn't lose all of her memories , and it could explain why we had a "Dark Rika"
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