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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Would be amazing, though i'd prefer a new project. I mean it's the 30th anniversary, so we need something extra special.
I to would prefer a new Macross Project for the 30th Anniversary. I justed fhinished watching Macross Zero and Macross Plus tonight, thought that Plus was brilliant and that Zero was rather weak and average. While wahcing Macross Zero I thought that the 3DCG of Zero look rather crap now compared to the CG of Macross Frontier.

Inregards to the 30th anniversary project which will hopefully get the go ahead, it's important to get a good music composer and director on board, and leave Kawomari to do the design work for the Valkyrie's. Would love to see an Macross OVA with 2 female pilots as the leads fighting over a fellow female pilot (yuri), for the love triangle. My thoughts regards the love triangle of Macross 30th Anniversary being a Yuri one is that I love the current Batwomen, and is a great comic book and they put the yuri or love between the females is rather interesting. Anybody else agree with me that the Macross 30th Anniversay project should be a Yuri love triangle among pilots?
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