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Originally Posted by aliasxn View Post
Damn... I didn't want to believe it before, but when Mike said "I committed suicide for the sake of my beloved", they way the girls reacted... I reallly hope the manga doesn't go down that path, I hope I'm just reading too much into it.
Yeah, I really got a bad sense on that too, on this otherwise very enjoyable chapter. Really hope that it means nothing, I know drama will come up eventually but I hope that we'd never reach that end...

But yeah, the rest of the chapter is really fun. Soyogi becoming Mike's new fan, Shizuku jealousy over the prospect that Nagi will be taken by those two adults, even got a bit into Tama and Mike's past. Really, at this point, what's with Mike's blushing face over Nagi's close up face, he got 5 members of his harem then? I mean sure, his main harem is just the first three, but the fact remains that this chapter proves that anytime he wants to do one of them, all he needs to do is just ask them and they'll instantly comply...No wonder he's blushing like mad in the end, seeing how lovely Mike is in the title page
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