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^^ i am a Chelsea supporter so yes Jonn Obi. and trust me he is no good. he is strong and that's it. can't see danger coming and only reacts. can't tackle, as he has cost us many times and has a bad temper.

Romeu still needs time to grow. he's good but, i don't think he can command first team yet. though until Essien comes back he will have to grow up quick. for future he is the one. Romeu's not taht good at breaking up attacks and seeing danger but he'll get there. as long as he brings the game inot his strength of passing and spreading the ball he can improve the other aspects as he grows up and gets used to the Premier League.

as for getting Rowell i'll take Khedira over Rodwell. Rodwell is good but he's never played at a high level and just because he English the price is x2.(Andy Carroll) Khedira played in the world cup finals and he's played champions league football. he's a no noncence player.
Khedira steals the ball, passes to Romeu, who finds Mata. Mata picks out Sturridge (really wanted to say Torres) and he puts it in the back of the net. (in theory anyway)

as much as i would love to see Mikel at Huddersfield i doubt you can afford him. he's salery is close to 50k

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