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Originally Posted by Dark Wing View Post
I figured it was because she was already a burst linker or one at some point a long time ago but never told anyone. Remember back in episode 18 Megumi was about to tell KYH something then she got a call she needed to take. Also her ability seems to let her forcibly change the stage type.
She lost her memories of the event, as it becomes perceived as a dream smothered in metaphors (the book, the spell uttered to access that book's world, and then the book appears with the trigger words, and again, the dragon, the mermaid, and the warrior in black).

I think this is confirmation of what happens to a player when they lose their Burst. It becomes a Midsummer Night's Dream. Which is great because we're not told any of this, but shown, in an awesome episode with mermaids, mecha and magical girls. WHEN WILL YOU EVER SAY THOSE THREE IN THE SAME SENTENCE, EVER?!

In that light, we can only speculate what Megumi ever wanted to talk apart. Perhaps it was deja vu, or a feeling that everything that Hime was talking about, sounded familiar to her. Or maybe she just wanted to confess that she was a big game player way back when, so that she'd understand if Hime was enthralled with the digital world she's indulging in to the point of forgetting about Megumi.

But I really don't think she'd be anywhere close to confessing about being a Burster.
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