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Some wild and crazy ideas:

1. Nanaka and Asami switched personalities at a young age (would explain Nanaka's change AND Asami's resemblance to a young Nanaka)
2. Sana tried to kill someone when he was younger (hence the trauma to blood)
3. Shuusuke and Shuri go to a love motel (what was the prankster trying to do; give them new ideas?)
4. Sana is inspired by Shuusuke and Shuri, and tries to hit it off with his own relative, Aoi (He did fancy her while they were younger...)
5. Shuusuke and Shuri's father lose the election; Vice Principal is shown to be a crook... allowing Yuzuki to become the new mayor!
6. Nanaka will try to kill her uncle (with fire the most likely weapon of choice)
7. Anime ends with Nanaka and a saw, Asami and a butcher knive, and Shuusuke/Shuri and a leap from a tall building
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