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Originally Posted by Irenicus View Post

It's more like some sort of a phobia than rational fear, in my view. It's like, he saw his beloved got torn apart in the Fuzetsu. Sure, she healed back, and everything's fine afterwards, but he'll never be able to dissociate Fuzetsu with Oga-chan in danger ever again. To me that's more-or-less convincing.
I agree. The impression I took from Tanaka when, an episode or two back, he started screaming in terror at a frozen Ogata after a Fuzetsu had been brought up, is that Tanaka now has a phobia of Fuzetsus in general. Like yourself, I think that he now associates Fuzetsus with Ogata being in severe danger.

I actually like the twists involving Tanaka and Satou. It wasn't that long ago when Tanaka seemed to be the far more enthusiastic of the two in supporting Marjery and fighting the good fight against tomogaras. Now, however, Tanaka is leaving the Flame Haze world entirely, while Satou is moving deeper into it.

The episode as a whole felt like a filler episode to me, even if parts of it/all of it were based on the Shana novels.

But... if this is a filler episode, it's one of the better anime filler episodes that I've seen.

The "Syndonay and beasts obliterates Outlaw" opening was extremely cool, and a nice surprise for me, but after that... it just didn't feel like there was enough action to this episode.

I liked the Yuji/Shana training sessions (though it annoyed me when they skipped away from one just as it was getting good to check out Tanaka in an arcade). I really like Yuji's change in attitude.

Still, I don't like how, even now, he can't do anything more than dodge Shana or block her sword swings. I'd like him to actually knock her unto her back for a change of pace, even if it's simply through using her own kinetic force against her with a judo throw of sorts. The writers could, if they want, have her get up, and then in shocked anger knock Yuji unto his back, to reinforce how Shana is, of course, the main fighting protagonist... but just having Yuji actually show that he can seriously fight Shana would do loads for him and his character, imo.

I found the Wilhelmina flashback concerning Sabrac, and the eternal lovers, to be very informative and fun to watch. It's a great way to build up Sabrac too, of course.

All of the Tanaka/Ogata, and Tanaka/Satou, scenes in this episode where great too. I really like how the Tanaka/Ogata relationship has developed, and how the Tanaka/Satou friendship has developed.

The scenes beyond the ones that I've gone into detail in talking about though... all of those felt like they were inserted to simply fill out the necessary episode length.

So, 8/10 overall for me.
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