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Originally Posted by Deathscyther View Post
I think that the konoe-arc ruined season 2 for most of the people. Usually there aren't many complains for decent/good 'plot advancing' episodes. But because there have been so many 'weak' episodes in the beginning, people complain very easily now.
Duly noted. I guess the expectations of having a great season with other hopes i.e. manifestation of the novel material such as the distant past with Mathilda St.Omer, or an immediate dive into the story itself probably led many to be disappointed. Considering that much of the first half of the anime was mostly anime-original, that is.

Aside from that, I would have to attribute it to the fact that SnS II has been inconsistent in dealing out exciting episodes. I get the feeling that as it gets categorized as a show with action as its main attraction, slow, developmental episodes or those which have no bearing with the storyline tend to get criticised with a few particular characters getting all the flak. Not that all of them don't deserve bits and pieces of that, but considering how popular and (if I may add) a success SnS season 1 was, expectations tend to be higher, and when people start seeing things they don't like, criticism comes first.

There's the romantic spectrum of the show as well, I suppose. Novel material or not, Kazumi's role has been cheapened in that she hasn't been given a way to be more involved in the 'love triangle' after her declaration of war in the last season. Rather than just having an annoying character for people to hate, I thought it might be poor handling of a character on the part of the producers instead.

The entire season so far is inconsistent, I would say, but the better episodes were excellent, while I try not to bash 'slow' episodes unneccessarily.

@_DaViD_: Come to think of it...Drell was a Flame Haze too, unless his abilities at sensing POE are average at best or Metamorphosis has an ability to hide his own POE well enough, he should have sensed Sydonay coming. Anyone care to answer? (Forgive me if this was already answered earlier, since I haven't had the time to flip through all the pages)
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