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Originally Posted by Master Chibi View Post
The 'romantic spectrum' in this season thus far has been garbage. In fact, there hasn't been anything remotely romantic this season worth noting outside of Tanaka and Ogata. When the first epsidode resets the character development of the entire season that came before it, well that's just a clear sign that they don't have a bloody clue what they're doing

I was so happy to see where Shana and Yuji had gotten before that I end up mad and frustrated at the constant failed attempts of 'romance' that were thrown at us at the start of this season. I lost count of how many times Yoshida and Shana were plastered to the panes of the school's windows watching Yuji walking with Konoe, or the incessant need to repeat the lines Yuji's dad gave them as a pep talk, or Yoshida and Shana constantly acknowledging the other as a 'love rival'.
You know, I never did say the 'romance' aspect of SnS was good. On the other hand, you can prove me wrong by quoting any post in which I said otherwise...provided you can find it in this sub-forum.

See, the thing is I don't bother to let it get to me that the relationship is going nowhere, because I'm confident that the Yuuji and Shana pairing is the most probable due to their existence as those of being 'non-human' and I can't really see how it is possible to reverse the whole situation such that Kazumi actually has an advantage.

It's so horrendously bloody obvious that Yoshida doesn't have a chance in hell with Yuji no matter what she does. Fine, go ahead and like the character, cheer her on all you want, but in the end you know it's all for nothing because Yuji and Shana's relationship with one another is far more worthwhile, and Yoshida has never been anything more then a footnote to the entire ordeal since the very start of the first season. At best she served her purpose as something to stir up jealousy for Shana, but again that's helping develop Shana's character. Yoshida's pretty much been a plot device from the start (who stopped working 15 episodes ago).
See? This is what I meant. Blind hatred. The moment someone tries to consider the possibilities of her as a character, people like you grab hold of this opportunity to bash. When was it explicitly stated that I like Yoshida Kazumi? The only reason why I consider her character being poorly handled is due to there being no follow-up to her current situation after her declaration of her not wanting to lose at the end of Season 1. There were no opportunities for her and no turn of events that allowed her to be on 'equal' standing in the world of the Guze. This might actually be a little more useful than having all those Konoe episodes (which I consider essential, but not so much as to waste several episodes on it).

To defend myself (in a way), I have even considered Kazumi's repetitive monologue to be getting tiring, something that I had not stated explicitly since I didn't let it bother me.
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