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I don't think it's exactly that though. Now that he has given up his talisman(?) he can pretty much remain ignorant to any Guze related activities. Even if Oga gets torch'd, he wouldn't know about it and his memories of her would fade as she burns out. Plus, if he isn't involved with Margery anymore, the danger surrounding him and his gf goes down considerably.

And yea, I've always liked Satou. I kind of had my hopes up that he would get contracted and become a Flame Haze.

Also, this episode needed moar Hecanoe!
I agree with your point. And yes he would be ignorant. He doesnt want to deal with the pain. He wouldnt have those memories. But Most of the people here are calling him smart. Some are even saying he is doing it to protect Oga-chan. and also some are defending him against people who are calling him coward.

So If we say he is chickening out, then all is good. But people are actually defending him and saying he isnt. They are calling him smart. But the fact is that he is chickening out.

Well is that a good choice? Yes. Is he not a coward? Yes he is. Is he smart? Well i think thats arguable.
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