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i dont understand why all of u keep saying that tobi is somehow madara/connected to or with madara.theres just no proof or evidence thats ties it up.if its true what u guys are saying then why hasnt edo madara spoken about tobi?
there hasn't been an appropriate time for him to mention tobi. why would he do that? he was just resurrected and started fighting 5 kages. not really the best time for conversation that doesn't pertain to the fight. also, tobi wearing the mask has been a massive suspense builder. having a character who is not even near him reveal his identity would be a huge let down with little to no impact on the readers

why the suspense?
because thats the whole point of hiding someone's identity... its a storytelling mechanism to keep readers interested which obviously is working on all of us.

revealing it would not change anything.
it would solve one of the biggest mysteries in anime history

why couldnt he have at least said "ah its been a while wheres my little friend"?
because thats horrible writing. for madara to stop mid-fight and say something like that would be beyond awful.

Madara: "hold on guys, stop attacking for a minute. Time out. I just wanted to say for no reason that tobi is uchiha kagami."

Kages: "???"

Madara: "you know? that guy who was on sarutobi hiruzen's team a while back with the second hokage? kagami? you know... oh screw it, back to the fight. forget i said anything, he wants it to be a surprise"

and why was tobi shocked to see kabuto summom madara?
kabuto having madara's dna is a huge surprise. kabuto also fell right into tobi's plans by summoning madara. after the initial surprise, tobi was laughing as if pleased

i just want to say that tobi is not madara or nothing abt madara is shit from madara is inside of tobi.tobi is just someone we dont know.
no way to know that. all we have are clues which you are choosing to ignore. if tobi is someone random like kagami then you will be right and the story will be bad
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