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Also, despite what you want to believe, this story is Kiritsugu's, first and foremost. The novel explicitly states this in the opening narration, and the animation staff is also on record to state that as well. Gilgamesh and Alexander might be of interest to you, but they're not the main character that the story is about.
Did you read Nasu's postface in the first novel? It's about the three Kings' conflict and how affects Saber. And is about Kiritsugu. It's not just Kiritsugu's story.

It's also about Saber's and how she relates to her reign. She's not just promoted in all the covers because of her popularity (and the lack of his). The opening makes reference to Kiritsugu because he's the one that shows up in the first prologue.

I don't think this is a spoiler considering the whole thing with the kings began as soon as episode 5 of the first season.

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