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Kiritsugu's development got the shaft in Part I, which has been a consistent complaint among novel readers. As for the BD, they showed one scene with Ilya on the boxset, and left his opinion of Iri largely blank.
He had a CD drama to flesh out the relationship with Iri, didn't he? He's not the only one who had has his scenes cut. Look at Alexander's flashback or the lackthereof. Where is Gilgamesh's? Where were Kariya (although I think he's getting his own CD drama to compensate) or Tokiomi's or Kirei's? Or Saber's thoughts about how she wanted the support of her people as Alexander had?

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Shirley and Noritaka are far from irrelavant, as their deaths are what caused him to become the cynical, broken man he became, in comparison to the happy little boy, crushing on his childhood friend.
Largely unimportant aside of plot devices to push him. Same as Kotomine's father and wife. Wait, Risei was actually a character with some importance in FZ (calling out the bounty hunt on Caster).

I mean those little boys he played with and that priest mostly which, as far as I remember, weren't even featured in the chapter.

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