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Really Thess, you can't say that F/Z is only about Saber getting bullied by Archer and Rider...

The main part of the novel are about

1. Struggle of Kiritsugu and Kotomine
2. Fight between three kings and giving Saber more background.
3. Give more background to F/SN as a prequel.

You are trying to judge the episode while being clouded by the hate of Kiritsugu at the same time. I find this episode fleshing out more of his character and setting up for how a little boy with a bright smile became a magus killer. Overall, it's a good episode.
Fate/Zero: This was the tale of a man who, more than anyone else, believed in his ideals, and was driven to despair by them.

Madoka: This was the tale of magical girls whose wishes are pure and by them are driven to despair.
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