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NeutralZero@ I know people will think bad about me ...but, I think is really bad if happen they would put ch 26 just because one of them and fan of the titanic paring. I mean i gratefull that they traslate this manga but i think would be much better traslate them in the right order.Also i know everyone have they own thought but i still wonder why they love this paring soo much.

I have no problem with anyone discussing the pairing or chapter as long as it's properly label as spoilers like every other future event. Speaking of which, this thread has become a real minefield for those like myself who rather keep upcoming characters/plot/events unknown until the appropriate chapters. It's becoming hard to read and participate because there so stuff being mentioned that hasn't happened yet. It also makes the current scanlated chapter difficult to talk about since it gets ignored. Personally one of the fun things about this series is not knowing what's coming down the line and speculating on future possibilities manga that each chapter establishes.

So, I know that there are a lot of exciting/interesting things to this series, but for unteemph time, please be mindful of your posts. Sorry about harping on this.

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