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GMT's point is certainly true, but as one of those who strongly disapprove what Irisu did, I would say that's not all there is to it. Irisu lied. Not only to Houtarou, but also her friends, classmates, and even her senior. Houtarou didn't. .
From the online chats at the beginning and end of the arc, I'm pretty sure Hongou consented to stepping down from the movie production whether Irisu's motives were pure or not.

If you want to grasp straws at how genuine their characters are, then Houtarou isn't exactly above Irisu either, because he didn't manipulate the smoker just to get the anthologies - he did it because he was too lazy to bring them out himself. If you say Irisu lied to everyone because she thought Hongou's script was boring instead of actually worrying that it would fail, then by that same token Houtarou lied because he was too lazy to do the dirty work instead of actually wanting to help out his club members.

I get the feeling the only thing "different" about the two cases is who is on the receiving end of those lies.
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