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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
That's a very good and interesting post, joeboygo.

You are being kind, but thank you.

I cannot freakin stop thinking about Irisu. I think the only way I’ll get her out of my head is to vent my thought traffic here.

I generally agree with your appraisal, so let me offer my own take as a supplement.

Yes, I too feel that each of the Empress’ attributes correlate to a specific facet of Irisu’s personality. But I also believe that each of the traits were carefully chosen and combined to deliver a general impression, so it should help to view each individual trait in relation to all the rest.


1. Motherly love – As you pointed out, in the active sense, it is a large part of what drives the Empress to act. But it has a passive aspect as well. A known source of motherly love and support will tend to attract those in dire straits like a sheltered harbor in a storm. In other words, the Empress is someone people bat-signal when they are in a jam. Also, altruism is the essence of motherly love; the Empress acts not in her own self-interest but on behalf of those who seek her aid.
2. Fertile and/or productive spirit – the word “kokoro” usually means heart, mind, or spirit, but it can also mean center. In the first sense, it symbolizes the Empress’ power to positively motivate. In the latter sense, it also points to the power to eliminate discord, unify and find consensus.
3. Harvest – Ok, she’s rich, we get it. But I think it’s not that shallow. Harvest can also be understood in the sense of “reward.” The Empress delivers! Good things tend to happen when she’s involved.
4. Sensitivity – The Empress understands people.
5. Feminine ideal, woman in her prime – More on these later.

Viewed collectively, the general impression of the Empress I gather is that of somebody that: a) has earned the trust of her community as a person they can turn to when faced with obstacles they could not by themselves surmount; b) has the ability to mediate disputes and build coalitions between warring factions; c) can instantly connect with and draw out the very best from individuals; d) is very effective and reliable; and e) is not driven by selfishness or malice but an instinctive urge to assist those who come to her for help.

For now, I don’t want to clutter this post with “what happened to Hongou” speculation, but I think it’s pretty obvious where I’m headed with all this.

One more thing. There is a pervasive gender bias in the Empress’ powers. They all derive from an inherently feminine foundation. I believe this strongly implies that the Empress affects men and women differently. Again, this factors into my “what happened to Hongou” theory (among other things), but I don’t want to get into that just now.

Criticism is welcome, violent disagreement strongly encouraged.
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