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It’s clear that the Empress tarot was intended to serve as the shorthand for Irisu’s character, just as Orecki, Eru, Mayaka and Satoshi are handily thumbnailed by their respective tarot symbols. So IMHO, any discussion of what makes Irisu’s character tick should start with whatever’s written in Tomoe’s tarot book about the Empress, whose page was painstakingly animated in detail by KyoAni.
The only thing I would say is that keep in mind when Satoshi chose this symbol for her, he didn't know the details of what was going on. It may also have been chosen because of the word, which matches her nickname. I think it's clear that those qualities describe the image she is trying to give off (what she wants others to think of her, and perhaps the way she wants to think of herself), but Houtarou has already concluded (at that time) that it doesn't really match her, and that is reinforced by what happens next in the episode. So I don't think we can really conclude that that card is shorthand for her character. I think we supposed to come to the conclusion, as Houtarou did in that episode, that there's another side to the card that he couldn't see.

(Regardless of what you think of the reasons behind what happened with Hongou, I think it would be really difficult to apply only those positive qualities to describe the way things went down with Houtarou.)

At the end of the day, I think the intention of her character is decidedly "grey", and that card is only part of the story.
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