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Ultimately I think people are just hating to be hating... or trolling.

The idea that you could hit 6,000 some odd people scattered across quite a lot of hospitals all at the same time to ensure everyone gets out safely without being killed by the EMP or the microwave or just someone's watch being set wrong is beyond insane. (That's assuming that 100% of the SAO players reside in Japan, but that at least is something we can safely ignore.)

The idea that the Japanese government (or someone else's I guess) has crack trained troops who will magically know how to play MMO's well... and who can somehow get around the sole GM remaining in-game with the keys to the kingdom, as it were, to fully clear each floor (no need to kill the floor bosses, thankfully) and magically make it to the current floors being cleared without ever dying. Because, while you could probably re-engineer the NERV gear without the microwave / kill switch... you probably can't re-engineer the code that says when your SAO avatar is dead, it's dead. I can see the problems now. "Sir, we've trained up to level 7, but there was a trap in the 3rd floor and we lost a third of our team... it's going to take a few weeks for them to get levelled up again. Should we go back to support them?" Of course, the troops could tell everyone that it was safe to ignore the game because they'll totally have them safely cleared out in what, 5 more years?

If you can't deal with the setting, perhaps this show really isn't for you? Dunno? Sorry guys, it's the setting. Try to cope or move on?

Sleep PK is no odder than some of the travesties that happen in today's MMO's, it's just slightly more serious because of the death-game nature of the setting. And it's not like it's a problem plaguing the SAO residents today. They've obviously figured it out and it's a well known part of the landscape now.

I don't know, but people have been complaining about some really oddball things things lately.

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