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Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
My bad I'm not up to date with SAO's progress on BT >.<

Here, have my impression of the 1st chapter of Chinese translation of Alicization Running as compensation (YES, it was done still reading this through right now, might post more tomorrow)

Spoiler for Impression of 1st chapter:
Originally Posted by ronelm2000 View Post
Sounds like a mix of <<Aincrad Arc>> and <<ALO Arc>> w/ "Badass in Distress? Wait, what Do You Mean I'm In Danger?"

OMG, Yui-chan, I love you! :3
I wish I could have my own AI like her.... lolz. Anyway, depending on FLA's speed... it might as well mean that every freaking second they equals to...
Spoiler for According to <<There is one but ultimate way>>:
quoted both to make the connection

if Teh_Ping translation is correct:

then for the growth of the originals, there is a relation of 18 years in 980 hours, 157,69:1

and during kirito experience, it is a 1000:1
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