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Originally Posted by aigomorla View Post
How did he do that for juubei by vol5?

Unless u read the spoilers which werent complete.
Juubei goes missing for half a vol., because she falls off a cliff.

I dont think the MC is twisting history.
HE already states that history is changing, and its not going in the linear path.
And thats kinda obvious, because he is a super catalyst which is speeding events up.

Well if u really want to get technical, then he is basically controling events and planning the outcome to his advantages so the LEAST amount of causalities are drawn out.
Sagara gotten close to a lot of people in this alternate Sengoku era. Although this is not the Sengoku era that his world went through, similar events do come true. If you count to the number of people he gotten close with, most of them are important figures.
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