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Originally Posted by chad001 View Post
When was the last time you watched an anime starring an adult, which ends with everyone happy, and with no major character death or crazy-dark-traumatic events? I can't can't remember, honestly...
ORANGE YANE NO CHIISANA <---- easiest said, its japanese brady bunch.

By far the best manga to read when u want that warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes u feel good.. :P

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Usagi Drop.

i still think though it would of been more perfect if rin got with kyoki and kyoki's mom got with daisuki.

Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
I cannot think of anything, but its not like Sagara had a smooth ride trying to keep everyone alive.
Well, Sagara's mission isnt whistles and bells, but he does have some history on his side, while keeping his powers cap'd and stagnet.
(very difficult if u ask me, but on a different level)

The other MC's needed a POWER UP of some sort.

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