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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Volume 4 Illustrations

Spoiler for Fall of the General:
Proof that Nobuna is the prettiest girl in Japan. The assassin that sniped her, Zenjuubou, said that he could not shoot her face for instant kill because her smile was too dazzling. . He also thinks that Nobuna was protected by the Heaven.

Asakura Yoshikage thinks that Nobuna is Wakamurasaki from Tale of Genji. When the brat Tsuchimikado reported that he also killed Akechi who once under the Asakura family, Yoshikage said that if not for Akechi's large forehead, she would've been the Wakamurasaki. Yoshikage then liken her to Oborozukiyo (Genji's brother's wife).

I think I'm going to regret buying these books
一生 忘れられないよ ずっとずっと 大事な贈り物
一生 忘れられないよ きっときっと こいつは宝物

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