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I do a lot of writing to earn a living, but I dream in secret of writing the next great literary blockbuster. My fascination with Irisu stems from envy: despite numerous attempts, I have yet to create a female character even half as complex and interesting.

After watching Episode 17, I’m convinced that Irisu is her creator’s favorite character as well. In Episode 10, as she sat alone with Houtaro at the teahouse, Irisu used the analogy of the swift runner to illustrate the notion that anybody blessed with a special ability is obliged not to waste it out of consideration for those who are not as naturally gifted. At the time I dismissed it as just another element in Irisu’s scheme of manipulation. My attitude was typical of an American libertarian – as long as you don’t hurt anybody then whatever you do with yourself is nobody’s business but your own. But as the events in Episode 17 demonstrate, the maxim that Irisu articulated at the teahouse is something that the author himself believes. The Japanese philosophy towards personal talent is very different: it’s a communal resource that must be applied for the collective benefit and not wasted for selfish purposes. The author meant for us to recognize what Irisu said to Houtaro at the teahouse as a guiding principle of personal conduct. What this tells me is that if the author plans to share more of his personal values with us, he will likely voice them through Irisu.
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