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Ok, there is one thing that has been bugging me. If Lime Bell's ability was able to reverse to the point where Dusk Taker lost his wings, then couldn't Lime Bell reverse Silver Crow to the point he gets his wings back?

In that regards, they never would have needed to go through all this deception and pain, and Noumi would be irrelevant. I'm just curious why they did not even think about doing that.
Well she needed points to level up her ability, so going with Noumi was the most practical solution, but if she could return Haru's wings by using her ability on him, then rofl.

Maybe it's because she needed to reverse time to before Noumi used his stealing ability, making him automatically lose [Flight], thus returning to Haru.
Raker said something about that there is a reason why he lost his wings, the system probably wouldn't recognise the ability reversal, since the reason why Haru lost his wings still exists (Noumi's ability).
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