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Originally Posted by Xero8420 View Post
Or it could be she was waiting until both Dusk Taker and Silver Crow are within the Citron Call's AoE radius to make it happen?
No, only Noumi got hit by the ability, Haru still had claw marks inflicted by Noumi on his body.

About Noumi's victims, I think they may already have lost Brain Burst. Just thinking, if he offered the same deal to Haru as the other Burst Linkers, either they rebelled or offered points to him quietly (most likely the latter). They'd have gotten their abilities back, if stayed true to his word, which I don't think he would, given his personality. He loves to take, but hates to lose, so giving back (losing) an ability is beyond him. If he gave back the abilities, sooner or later one of his victims would spread the news of an avatar taking other avatars abilities, which hasn't happened (or at least Dusk Taker wasn't well known).
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