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Originally Posted by Farplaner View Post
Too much talk about the fathers in a show where we have only one male character in the whole universe
Just because they're not the focus of the story doesn't mean that they don't exist. Also, we HAVE seen both Saki's father and Nodoka's father, Ryuumonbuchi's butler Hagiyoshi, the Nagano semis play-by-play commentator, as well as the visitors to Mako's mahjong parlor, so yes, there are males. It just happens that Koutaro is a poor specimen of the mahjong-playing variety...

I mean, SOMEONE has to contribute the other half of the genetic material, and as far as I know the Saki universe doesn't run on cloning (unless they've been cribbing technology from the 4th Reich in Mudazumo).
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