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I've lost a lot of motivation to play WoW, don't even have a 90. Hit 89, started looking at what to do at level cap, looked at all my alts, and realized the only thing waiting for me was endless dailies. Point grinds, rep grinds, badge grinds....and even with the shared account stuff it seems like Blizzard still found a way to make it hard for people who like alts. Been 89 for months, just can't bring myself to seriously sit down and finish it.

It's content, I guess, but it all feels so gated, and I absolutely despise the daily format. I never did the Argent or Molten stuff, and only just recently finished the Netherwing stuff from BC (mostly due to eggs being so easy to find now).

At this point it's more exciting to see all the datamined stuff than it is to play. Maybe I'm just burned out on MMOs.
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