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Episode 05 is a good episode! I like the idea when one's flag was taken the star constellation of that group will be taken down. I wonder what's the past name of the no-name group. I also like the pairing for Kurousagi and Izayoi its really romantic. Those two, while Izayoi likes to tease kurousagi. While I like the pairing kurousagixIzayoi for romantic development. Azusa and You are good partner for Izayoi too but not romantically but comrade in arms. I also like Leticia in her maid uniform but her uniform is kinda unique. its my first time seeing that kind of dress for maid uniform. Also the bunny hop that Kurousagi and the kids do this episode reminds me of a dance craze before when I'm in high school and also done in flash with lots of different version where the dance just go sway left and right. I can't seem to remember what the name of the song is.
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