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This chapter was so much fun. Nemesis is just way too awesome, she shot up at the top of my ranking with this chapter (Mikan is still first though).

Momo has finally found her sworn enemy. Nobody can troll her as hard as Nemesis. Mea was nothing compared to her.

We learned something interesting in this chapter. Nemesis was not created from human DNA, so maybe that's the reason she can fully turn into animals, something we haven't seen Mea and Yami do. This may also mean she will be a tougher nut to crack. She definitely won't be as easy to convert as Mea. I don't even know where they should start.

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LOL, after my previous mini-rant on Nemesis and saying this:

This page in particular felt like they were trolling me

I'll give them a pass for now, as seeing Nemesis troll Momo at every turn will be quite the joyride. It would be nice if we had a Lala-centric chapter though. I'm actually starting to miss her.
They're just teasing us. I'm sure they already have something planned.

Seeing Nemesis going chuuni was funny.
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