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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
My point is that it's hard to sell the "threat that threatens Japan threateningly", when the authorities feel that sending fewer personnel than there are starters on a basketball team is unnecessary. Whether it's absurd to do so is an issue of lesser importance.
What exactly would sending more people have accomplished? As they even said, the factory is massive, and going by the room were everyone gathered to discuss the riots a couple episodes back, there can't be more than 3-4 divisions. And there's, you know, an entire city to keep peace over. Pulling every divisions, even 1 more would just complicate things, and would be damn near useless as their dominators wouldn't work. Not to mention Kogami running around, who is a convict at this point. Too many things could go wrong and they want Makishima alive, so why not send the people who are already neck deep in all this and muck things up even more by introducing more people into the equation.

Although I must say, anyone else wonder why Makishima doesn't use a gun? You would think it would be easy enough for someone like him to get a handgun, yet he resorts to using a nail gun.
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