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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
Don't underestimate the power of a grand pa whose had a life time of ass whooping whipper snappers will get surprised when they find out they pack a wallop!
Old man strength they call it.

Really sad scene seeing Tomomi go. They haven't been giving him much focus recently, but he's my favorite character in the show. I like how he represents the older, 'better' days, but he takes it all in stride. Of course, he's a beast too, with all the focus they put on Kogami's strength, you couldn't really appreciate just how powerful a fighter Tomomi is until now. He owned Makishima with some fatherly rage. Rest in fictional peace.

Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I don't really understand where comparisons to the joker are coming from either. That actually seems like a lazy comparison to me because they both deal in chaos but their reasons for that are very different.

I also don't really see Makishima as the complete antithesis to Kougami, the way Joker is to Batman. If anything I think Makishima has a closer connection to Akane (but the series decided not to play that up).
I thought he was a Joker type earlier in the series, but at this point it's pretty clear he's a bit less chaotic. They're both anarchists, but Makishima has a much clearer vision (and obviously a very different personality). There are definitely still some strong similarities, but differences too.
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