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so it's 2 down for the team >.<.while it's almost expected with masaoka going with his son gino, that part was really so sad. Gino wasn't even thinking about his mangled arm anymore, but it seems fitting he will have a prosthetic left arm like masaoka. I guess that mean he has a good chance of surviving this. Now Yayoi also raised a big death flag with that "i'll entrust my life to you" statement to Akane. whew how many of them will die before this is over...
only consolation is Masaoka at least "won" over Makishima in a fight but unfortunately the guy has no scruples.

wonder if there is a reason why Makishima's went after gino/masaoka instead of the control center & or escaping. ASIDE from the predictability/being logical of the later choices. That choice is for the fighter/killers who "leaves no enemy" like guerillas, instead of someone who's just going for the initial goal (the crops)

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Except operating at the speed of thought. Which is pretty damn fast.
actually nerve impulses are fast but not quite the electric charge over circuitry or lightning fast speeds people usually believe, which is just reasonable since brain impulses aka "thinking" is a chemical reaction. I remember a chart from Bio class showing nerve impulse speed <if a Giant stubs a toe ,at the same moment a rocket launches, the rocket would already be at his head before the pain signal even reaches his ankles> ...

secondly multitasking is a myth humans are shown to be incapable of multiple actual conscious actions simultaneously. If this is also true for brains divested from human bodies well who knows :P never been done IRL AFAIK.. well nothing just pointing it out.

Incidentally this also begs the question on how the 200 brains could compute faster than comparable hardware as per Seung's dialogue, PDP notwithstanding. After all their tech seems a lot higher than current IRL tech.
Human brains advantage has always been the unpredictability (see Supercomputer World chess champion matches) and never the speed.

some comparisons:
nerve impulses = .6 m/s-120 m/s
active thinking impulses = 20-30 m/s (72 - 108 km/h)
compared to lightning (itself) = 139,200 km/s = 139,200,000 m/s (normal, slower on higher altitude)
lightning flash, w/c is of course light = 299,000 km/s = 299,000,000 m/s
sound = 340.29 m/s (sea level)
electricity (thru conductor,therefore speed of impulses in you computers ) = speed of light , a bit less

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