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My immediate thought was that it's probably very very hard to get a hold of guns in Sibyl Japan. It makes sense, even if we're talking Makishima.
Choe had a very powerful gun-thingy while assaulting Nona Tower. However, it seems that Maki's group only managed to procure one of those.

3) Both clearly take pleasure in killing their targets. They're not clinical and "This must be done for the greater cause" about it. They enjoy it.
I kind of disagree here. Up to now, we have only seen Makishima kill four times. In the first two (Yuki & the trio of thugs) his emotion was clearly disappointment. The third time (Touma/Kasei) he was quite happy, but I think that was because he finally managed to deal a direct, humiliating blow to his archenemy. The final time (the agriculture professor), he seemed pleased again, but that could be explained by being happy that his plan was working out so well.

His fights (and obsession) with Kogami are a bit more complicated issue. I think the reason Shogo is so interested in Ko is because Ko represents his ideal - a man who threw away all the shackles of society and decided to follow his own will instead.

secondly multitasking is a myth humans are shown to be incapable of multiple actual conscious actions simultaneously. If this is also true for brains divested from human bodies well who knows :P never been done IRL AFAIK.. well nothing just pointing it out.
You can still achieve a functional equivalent of multitasking by rapidly switching between different tasks. I think that's the way experienced RTS players operate, for example.

I hope she's going to shoot Makishima with the paralyser-Dominator sometime. Hey, he should be happy if she does! Isn't it what he wants, to be part of society and be recognised as someone Sybil should want to shoot? I can imagine a scene where Akane sees a stand-off between Makishima and Kougami, Akane chooses to zap Kougami with the Dominator, Makishima laughs at her and thinks the Dominator pointed at him is useless, and then get shot...
Maki isn't stupid. He already saw Touma/Kasei point a Dominator at him, so he knows that the modes can be force-changed.
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