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I'm a tad confused if this isn't a reboot.

If they're continuing off from Träumend, why change the art-style so intentionally to resemble the manga? Wouldn't they want the transition to be as smooth as possible?

Since Bizarro Jun is in this, I'm guessing the story will be based off 'Tales'. It's been a long time since I've read both parts of the manga, but they were quite different from the anime series. I don't know how they're going to just flow into the new content...
I remember the characters themselves being rather different, especially Suigintou and Souseiseki, the character difference even shows in the model sheets, are they really going to jump from this to this and make us think of the same character presented in the former anime? On a side I'll miss those lines under her eyes

I dunno, maybe it's just a new story including older Jun and sudden appearing Kira.
Sorry I'm just blabbering to myself. I think I'm actually hoping for the reboot then continuation after all. Then I could appreciate both series as different adaptions rather than nit-picking on the style change.
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