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My favourite line in ep.2 is Kou saying: "where's that super kind girl that was here just a moment ago?!"

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Best exchange of episode two:

Aoba: This shirt is way too big for me!
Kou: Somehow you'll learn to live with it.
About that scene, I always felt something "odd" in the anime version because did Aoba actually undress with Kou there? The anime make it seem Kou just turns away not watching, but now that it's all over I took the manga and it's different there, and also interesting.

Leaving spoiler tags for people who wants to read the manga later.

Spoiler for that scene in the manga:

On a side note, I'll also support Cross Game in some ways. I'm not usually a manga reader but I want to make an exception here, the manga is ongoing in Italy and 12 volumes out of 17 have been released so far; since usually a volume comes out every two months it should finish in a year or so. Obviously I plan to buy the whole series sooner or later, my idea is to get all the volumes just before or meanwhile the last one goes on sale.
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