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Originally Posted by Willen View Post
I'm reminiscing.

IMO, Kou's lying is a defensive mechanism but in this case, in relation to Aoba, it's for her benefit. Up until this point, it's been unspoken that Kou likes Aoba and vice-versa. Even when Kou confesses to Aoba, he prefaces it with the "is a lie OK?" comment. My belief is that he does this to protect Aoba's feelings. If he was unable to win the game or throw a 160kmph pitch Aoba has an excuse to blame him instead of herself (i.e., she didn't train him properly, or her advice about his pitching motion was incorrect, etc.). This also allows Aoba to brush off his confession if she feels unable to reciprocate without feelings of guilt (i.e., his confession was a bad joke and not to be taken seriously so she should ignore it).

Kou's lying also plays a big role in Akaishi's on-field performance. He's able to convince Akaishi that Akane's hospital stay is no big deal so he's not distracted away from the game. His ability to deceive, or at least obscure the truth, extends to Aoba in this case also. He's able to at least soften the blow of the news about Akane to Aoba and get her to participate in the deception to Akaishi.

Not to mention the earlier covering up that he was training as a pitcher for the farm team. Poor Senda.
It's also about the fact that Kou has been lying ever since Wakaba died. Acting like he's okay, when inside he's still grieving terribly.

Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
Probably because it was just episode 2, the first where we started to really know Aoba, I've always been quite unsure on how to decipher that scene. Because the first time I saw it I was more for thinking: she hates it so much and yet she doesn't care to undress in front of him? I mean, the scene is inside a context where she first hits him in the face then screams all of her hate for him. Consider that at point of time our knownledge of their past relationship was close to zero. Even now, I'd say I can easily read that scene in the anime just because I know the final outcome.
I just assumed it meant that Aoba might "hate" Kou but that they've known each other so long he's more like a brother that she hates then a person outside her family.

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