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They'll probably use that conquest RTS engine for a (dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn) Genrin 3. And I hope they do, because we need a Genrin 3.

The moment some high school kid with super powers could take on Majins and such in just a few days without no prior training nor conditioning, with the battles having no sense of dread or urgency to them at all, was when I just basically threw my hands up in surrender and went full-on "just here for the fuckans" mode instead, seeing as it basically trampled all over the feeling of oppression and brevity that I was used to in Eushully games.

And I don't know if it's officially canon, but to me, superpowers will never count. Never saw 'em before in Dir=Lyfna, and I'm hoping I never will again, ever, because they just screw up the lore. I don't really want to come off as just a bitter old fart, but seriously. High school kids. With superpowers.


What I would've preferred is if Soukoku was something more along the likes a game that had humans slowly gathering together to build their sort-of-mini resistance, trying to adapt to the fusion of the two worlds as it slowly progresses, while fighting off forces from the "other" world who view them with hostility and curiosity. They would also be slowly expanding their territory in order to make sure that they had "some place to call home" while the two worlds slowly fused together, discovering new things along the way, and they'd be doing it all it with technology under their belt. The humans would be doing their damned best to adapt, and we would slowly be introduced to the artificial machine gods of man, and be able to use them as units instead of just having them introduced and hinted to via stupid cards. Humans would be shown initially winning thanks to the novelty and the power of the technology that they posses only for the ending to slowly hint that the Old and the New Pantheons have gotten tired of their shit, ending with some bittersweet optimistic remarks about how the future looks bright and all that stuff. Now that I would've supported.
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