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She's badass incarnate, but she's definitely got her cute moments. Not overly moe appeal gushing kawaii cuteness, but still very cute moments nonetheless.

Like the time she commented on how Celica was treating her like a lover, in VERITA (and she was enjoying it immensely, as Celica was pretty much pampering her at the time - after an intense DUEL TO THE DEATH, no less). Or that time she was faintly amused by Celica "messing up" in one moment, then jealous the next after he takes an "interest" in Eklia Femlins from their encounter in Genrin 2. Or how she basically fondles Celica like a baby after his reawakening in ZERO. And such. Or when she scolds Celica for forgetting her name, then laughing it off during the ZERO epilogue. Etc...

I'd also like to think of it as a huge in-joke. Seeing as while Haishera does accompany Celica in their travels together as a sword (and when he's staying in Lewinia), she is not always in the form of one; she often takes the form of a dagger or short sword in order to conserve energy (as they don't get into life-or-death battles as often as one might think). Short sword/dagger = chibified sword, so the chibified Haishera form...makes sense if you think about it (gag-wise).

Besides, an angry Haishera plushie is the closest thing I can get to having something resembling Haishera. Don't ruin this for me. ;w;
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