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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
This is going to be a total trainwreck.... but in a MST3K way.

I may have to watch it just for the "Ken A. destroys his own franchise ala George Lucas" factor.

The closeups of the classroom set are more clues that "quality" may be lacking in the production budget --- I'm interested in seeing just how bad the SFX are.... I kind of get the feeling they were consciously shooting for a cartoonish look in the classroom set.

Hmmm, Chach at least has been decorated robotically... but her facial features are a bit too round for a good match --- I suppose actress was able to pull off "robot" well enough to overcome that.

(goes to stock up on beer for the upcoming "MSTing" of the thing....)

Here's the direct links: (classroom set.... O.o) (the girls and cast on stage...... draw your own conclusions)

edit: I notice Sayoko (ghost girl) still lacks white hair or red contacts...... Chach got some help there (cheesy but no worse than old Dr. Who). I can't spot Eva since they have her in school garb rather than some lolita goth dress.
In the not too distant future, next Sunday A.D, there was a guy named Vexx, not to different from you and me. Yada yada they'll send him cheesy movies, the worst they can I love that show sometimes and how it made it possible to watch the worst and most cheesy B grade movies by teaching us to make fun of them.

I really need to see what Eva looks like, will they find a petite girl to play the all-mighty vampire loli? Will she wear gothic lolita and be cocky and arrogant as hell? Will she play a large enough role? Eva is by far my favourite character in Negima, so even me giving the Live Action thing a chance for even MST3K style viewing would hinge on how they handle her.
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