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Originally Posted by brightman View Post
That's only because none of the 1990's Gundams were not nearly as popular as Seed was. Victory and Turn A never had a chance due to their low viewership. G's main female characters were of archtypes not popular in Japan. Wing and X were overshadowed by Eva. The fact that relatively minor characters like Four and Elpeo Ple made the list shows how wrong that statement is.

No surprise that Lacus was the most popular female in the last few years, but as shown in the recent monthly polls, she's not likely to remain there for long. Look for C.C. to take that spot soon (if she hasn't already).

EDIT: BTW, what did you mean by non-Japanese? I see quite a few Japanese names on your lists...?
And yet Victory is on the Animedia poll in a healthy spot no less. Man I think U.C's popularity might be on the rise again judging by the ranking of Deikun siblings and the shows and mecha themselves. Perhaps Bandai/Sunrise might want to look into something more then just MS Igloo, like say a new U.C TV Series.
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