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Originally Posted by brightman View Post
Note the keyword--"Likeable". Gundam 00's females all have flaws that turn off male fans without enough traits that appeal to fanboys. Lacus is depicted as the ideal girl with all the traits that these same fans salivate over. That's the key.

For the record, Gundam Seed Destiny's [new] female characters didn't fare well in popularity polls either, for the same reason that the 00 girls didn't (serious character flaws, not likeable enough, not enough screentime, and not enough development).
You know, I somehow completely missed the word 'likeable.' Although I will say that for a character to be likeable to me he/she needs to come off with some flaws/inner conflicts (if the tone of the show is serious that is), but I guess the target audience of gundam prefers their Mary Sues. In 00 for example, I personally liked Soma's arrogant attitude and thought Feldt fit into the 'cute' category, but I also wouldn't put either of them among my favorites.
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